1. Please ensure both your Senior and Youth squads have a minimum of 20 players. Fine of £2m per player will be charged after Sundays Transfer update. You have been warned!
  2. Please ensure all players in your U21s meet eligibility criteria. Fielding illegible players for the youth team may result in sanctions against the club
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  1. Trophies

    1. EPL Winners

    2. ECH Winners

    3. UG1 Winners

    4. UG2 Winners

    5. Champions League Winners

    6. TDE Trophy Winners

    7. FA Cup Winners

    8. Community Shield

    9. Europa League Winners

    10. Youth Cup Winners

  2. End of Season Trophies

    1. EPL Manager of the Season

    2. ECH Manager of the Season

    3. Youth Manager of the Season