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6 games left to save my season

Discussion in 'Championship' started by Neil, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Neil

    Neil Manchester United Donator

    8 Watford 20 8 3 9 16 26 -10 27
    9 Sheffield_United 20 7 4 9 14 17 -3 25
    10 Fulham 20 6 5 9 23 25 -2 23
    11 Aston_Villa 20 6 5 9 13 24 -11 23
    12 Manchester_United 20 6 4 10 17 24 -7 22
    13 Cardiff_City 20 4 8 8 13 17 -4 20
    14 Wigan_Athletic 20 3 4 13 9 30 -21 13

    this is were we lie with 6 games left after a shambles of a season and my inept management has left my beloved utd on the verge of being relegated for the 2nd successive season . i have 6 huge game left to save my job career and maybe my tde tenure , but 4 of the games i have left are teams near me in the table . 1st up is
    Manchester_United - Fulham
    fulham like us have found them selves at the wrong end of the table even though they have a quality team so this is a huge game for both teams and i know i cant afford to lose and need to win my home games

    Manchester_United - Wigan_Athletic
    another huge game looking at the table i think wigan have already gone and hopefully by this time i still have a chance of staying up but this is another must win game like fulham wigan have some great players in there squad and are end the wrong end of the table but due to missed sheets they find themselves bottom with no hope unless they win all there remaining games .

    Sheffield_United - Manchester_United

    sheff utd are 9th but only 2 points from the bottom 3 thats how tight the bottom half of this league is so again another huge game for both teams and a very hard for us but i need to pick up points in every game and i might have to roll out the d to get the point i need depending on were i am come this game .

    Manchester_United - Aston_Villa

    this 1 is the final game of the season and yet again depending on were i am in the table it could be a do or die clash at this moment in time they are only 1 point and 1 place above me but come this game it could be a different story but what happens we need to win at least 3 of the games and hopefully get points of everygame i play

    the other 2 games i have left are
    Stoke_City - Manchester_United

    away to the league leaders very hard game so i must get my tactics spot on and cant afford to lose

    Manchester_United - Sunderland

    another hard game and doing well since they got a new manager in but again another do or die game for us

    even if we do manage to stay up i have had a pitiful season and have let utd down i question my ability all the time and will think about things at the end of the season
  2. Neil

    Neil Manchester United Donator

    so its 2 games ago since i did this and the result have been

    Manchester United 2 - 0 Fulham
    D_Barlaser (6) R_vanderVaart (sent off 1)
    P_O'Connor (31)

    a very crucial win and vital 3 points

    Stoke_City 0 - 0 Manchester_United

    a very good hard fought point so i need to keep picking up points in every game i play to survive lets see were we are after another 2 games