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European Super Cup - Result

Discussion in 'Super Cup' started by nocky, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. nocky

    nocky Liverpool Staff Member Senior Administrator Administrator TDE Owner

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  2. Ian McNamara

    Ian McNamara Chelsea Donator

    Congratulations to both teams, very close game. congratulations Aaron well done mate, I think he's going to be one to watch this season, fully expect Stoke to really build on last season.
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  3. Aaron

    Aaron Stoke City

    Arsenal 1 vs 1 Juventus
    (Arsenal 1 vs 3 Juventus after penaltys)
    What a very close game between the two, Statistics show Arsenal were the better team. Alex Sandro got us off the a great start with a lovely header, but then arsenal were straight back in to it with a lovely goal from Dawson wee flick over the defender then in off the post lovely, after that it was very close then comes down to the dreaded penaltys, we won comfortable in them

    Good game mate
  4. Darlington

    Darlington Sheffield United Donator

    Arsenal 1 Juventus 1 ( 1-3 on penalties)

    Gutted to lose on the lottery of penalties especially as on the stats we were certainly in the ascendancy and controlling the game, possibly even the better team. In the end it was a good game and a competitive one, I would have hated in my first game to have gone tits up and be stuffed 3 or 4 nil. We gave it a really good shot and if only we could have scored in normal or extra time and I think we would have won. Tired legs perhaps cost us on penalties or maybe clinical finishing of penalties by Juventus either way we can be proud of our performance.
    Well played @Aaron.

    The good from this though is the new striking formation are getting shots and creating chances which bodes well for the coming season. We have taken the Champions League winners a full one hundred and twenty minutes and they couldn't beat us in open play which is another good sign that the team is possibly going to be competitive. The downside is Koscielny was injured late on and the extra time may have a toll on fitness levels.
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