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SF Leg 2 - Match Buildup

Discussion in 'Champions League' started by Eduardo, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Eduardo

    Eduardo Queens Park Rangers Staff Member Senior Administrator Donator

    Liverpool (0) vs (3) Chelsea
    PSG (1) vs (1) Juventus

    Deadline: Wednesday 14th March 2018 @17.59
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  2. Ian McNamara

    Ian McNamara Chelsea Donator

    Liverpool (0) vs (3) Chelsea

    This will be a tough game at Anfield, they may be 3 down but they have the players who are able to score goals for them so the win is not certain yet. Some fringe players will be given a chance due to needing to keep things fresh with the amount of trophies we still have to play for. However it's still a strong side taking the field with a couple of youngsters being given the opportunity to impress. This will be a very tough match and if we want to go threw we need to be tight at the back and not make any silly mistakes.