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SF Leg 2 - Match Buildup

Discussion in 'Europa League' started by Eduardo, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Eduardo

    Eduardo Queens Park Rangers Staff Member Senior Administrator Donator

    Atletico Madrid (1) vs (4) Everton
    Swindon Town (0) vs (1) Bayern Munich

    Deadline: Wednesday 14th March 2018 @17.59
  2. Neil

    Neil Manchester United Donator

    Atletico Madrid (1) vs (4) Everton

    Need to win 3 0 it's not going to happen so my European adventure ends here so might as well go for it
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  3. ryanfield1

    ryanfield1 Everton Donator

    You never know mate out can happen
  4. ryanfield1

    ryanfield1 Everton Donator

    Atletico Madrid vs Everton

    Atletico Madrid (1) vs (4) Everton (1St Leg Result)
    Well we’re in the second leg against atletico Madrid we go in comfortably with a 3 goal cushion but stranger things have happened in football so I’m not taking the game likely Neil’s done a good job with them and he will have to go for this game if he’s to have a chance of progressing so good luck buddy looking forward to the battle.
  5. Ruggy

    Ruggy Tottenham Hotspur

    Swindon Town vs Bayern Munich

    Very difficult game for us, Swindon Town have a very strong squad and with a new manager at the helms it's probably going to be more difficult than the first leg. I don't feel as if the tie is comfortable and we will need to grab another goal in order to secure our place in the Europa League final. I haven't won a trophy for a couple of seasons now and I'm very eager to add another trophy to my name, I have won the Europa League twice previously with Manchester City and Liverpool so a third trophy would be a fantastic achievement.

    The final will likely see either Swindon Town or Bayern Munich against Everton and despite the possibilities of an all English final, we will try to prevent that. I respect Andy as a very good manager, he deserved the Swindon Town job more than the other applicants and now this is a real opportunity for him to bring Silverware to the County Ground. We will need to be at our best to make the final and I wish Andy all the best in the second leg.